Drupal Development

“We are an Agile based Drupal development agency prioritizing speed, security, and extensibility. With more than a hundred Drupal development projects under our belts, it’s safe to assume you will be working with a team of Drupal experts. At eFlair, we do not believe in being a jack of all trades, rather, we aim to be a master of few, and one of them is Drupal.”

Development Process

Our process focuses on implementing best coding practices, works around proven methodologies and goes through the most stringent checks. Being an Agile development company, we are highly customer centric and put that extra effort to make our clients keep coming back.

Initial Scoping

In this discovery phase, our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, target audience and inspirations. We will work closely with you to get a better understanding of what you are looking for and exchange ideas on what will work best for you.

Team Meetings

We make it a point to have brief team meetings on every working day to make sure everything is on track. This also helps us to identify issues early on and enables us to find quick and timely solutions.


Nothing feels better than seeing the first working prototype in your mailbox. We make it a point to deliver working prototypes at regular intervals. This enables us to optimize the product with client’s constant feedback and keep it on track to meet deadlines.

Late Cycle Modifications

Having worked on numerous development projects, we often experience clients wanting to make changes or add more features to their product. This is understandable. We stand by our Agile process and make the client feel at home by fully supporting their ideas and working on realistic changes and modifications.

Code Quality

We are consistent with bug testing and code optimizations with every iteration. This creates a multi-level optimization process to achieve quality deliverables.

Support & Training

We provide both short & long-term support and also train the client on how to effectively use the website. On demand one on one & video training are also provided.

Drupal Development Services

If it’s on Drupal, we probably can do it. We offer a wide range of bespoke Drupal development services, to name a few

Site building

If you are looking for simple modifications, add functionality or modify your current Drupal theme we are up for the job.

Module development

If you are looking for an advanced Drupal theme with custom modules, 3rd party API’s and tools for added functionality, your search ends here.


We will make a customized Drupal website that looks and feels exactly like you have imagined it.


A rather essential and recommended action to take, we can help upgrading your Drupal 6 or 7 based website to 8.


Looking for a reliable team to maintain, manage and update content & functionality of your Drupal website? We would be a good bet.

Why Drupal 8

Here are six reasons why you would want to stick to Drupal 8 development


You might have heard it before and you have heard it for a reason. Think about it, why would all the fortune 500 companies, security & government agencies across the world use Drupal. Being open source, Drupal has a dedicated community and a committed security team fixing issues as soon as they are discovered, Drupal is often termed as the safest CMS in the world, and the reason why White House switched to it. Drupal API is designed to handle issues like injection, cross-site scripting, session management, cross-site request forgeries.


Unlike other CMS that are made for just content or e-commerce, the flexibility of modules in Drupal allows for much wider application and use case.


One of the most essential yet rather neglected aspects, Search Engine Optimisation plays a vital role in your success. Drupal provides full control over URL structure, content types, taxonomy, navigation and is optimized for speed, all the factors essential for an optimized website.

Mobile First

Drupal 8 is designed with mobile first in mind, making everything responsive.

Global Support

With improved multilingual and globalization support, Drupal 8 is designed to deliver a better digital experience.


From emails, analytics to any other marketing automation tool, Drupal is now highly configurable to third party integrations.

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