Android Development

"We are a custom Android development company serving small businesses, large corporations and digital agencies across the globe. From corporate apps that are aimed to improve your team's collaboration & productivity to apps for funded startups that disrupt innovation, we have built top ranked Android applications for many."

Development Process

We are an Agile Android development company that are well structured and organised to develop functional applications. We build apps with core app quality measures as follows:

Visual Design and User Interaction

We make sure that app delivers a consistent and intuitive user experience. We make use of all the native Android UI elements to enhance simplicity and user friendliness. We are dedicated to the material design philosophy and all our apps have consistent navigation, action bar and custom notifications.


Creating a feature rich app on a multitasking, multi-core, multi-purpose system like Android is trickier than it may seem especially if you do not know how to play nice and fit it seamlessly into the system of apps, services, and UI features that run on Android devices. It is quite essential to provide an appropriate level of permissions for the expected functional behaviour. We make sure we adhere to a systematic and consistent behaviour of app functionality.

Compatibility, Performance and Stability

We make sure the App is stable with minimum to no freezes or crashes and most certainly does not have any compatibility issues across different devices. Performance and resource usage are highly prioritised. We also incorporate intelligent power management and compatibility to doze, app stand by standards set by Google since Android 6.0.


We use strong, platform enabled cryptographic algorithms and follow all the security measures advised by Google to enhance app security and user data.

Comprehensive Testing

We test the app on a number of representative devices to check the functionality of the app on various hardware/software combinations and form factors. Further, we perform performance testing with strictmode enabled to assess various factors affecting its performance. Quality testing & analysis is one of the most important steps to any successful application and we perform it with the highest priority and sincerity.


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